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'An apple a day, keeps the doctors away'

Why would I want to keep the doctors away when I would like to be one (a doctor) ?

This term, we are celebrating a few of our favourite themes and it has got to be the best and most favoured term of the year! No price for guessing what is our main theme this term! (cue the drum rolls)

Yup, you guessed it right! It is Occupation and Transportation! A theme where we celebrate kids' dreams and aspiration, it is a week filled with drama and day dreaming in class (in a good way of course). I have heard students from wanting to become an astronaut to a mountain climber! See how vast a child's imagination can be. Even back then, my only dream was to be a painter, while here we have our kids reaching for the skies and testing their limits as to what they aspire to be when they grow up.

What more could we ask for when it comes to Occupation if its not arranging a trip to KIDZANIA! A fun-filled yet educational place for individuals to explore ones interest and know deeper on their dream job. We have postman delivering parcels around KIDZANIA town and we have firefighters putting out fires in town to save the residents. Aint that just loads of fun?

Our students had a great day and they definitely enjoyed their day there where they ended up sleeping throughout the 2 hours bus ride back to school. Check out the photos below captured on the day of their fun trip!

All smiles on their faces heading towards the destination of the day!

Our legs and bodies are all sore from the fun-tactic day we had yesterday! Its probably time for a massage and some good nights sleep! We would like to thank all Parents for kindly supporting and cooperating with us for this trip! and to all our staffs and teachers involved, to many more trips in the future! Much Love, I.H

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