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Choosing the right School.

Iffah Humaira E.T

Writer, Editor Adam and Eve

3 October 2018

Choosing the right School.

‘the much needed list for school hunting’

Getting your kids ready, off you go and down the road searching for the right Pre-school for your kids. The most tedious yet adventurous job for a parent to complete.Ever wonder, why you see kids jumping from school to school looking for the right place to settle in?

All schools are different, the culture, the curriculum and the teachers. This will then brings us to the ‘LIST’. What list you might ask? The list. A list where you always bring for grocery shoppings, holiday items hunting and even for house decorating - the paper list we always see in Ikea. Take a pencil, a piece of cute looking paper and a chair, oh and of course your thinking cap! I am going to teach you, parents (yup, you’re having a lesson instead of your kids), on how to list down your very own Pre-school expectation list.

Being a parent, especially new parents, we tend to wonder and have slightly a difficult time thinking which school is the best for our first newborn child. The place must be nice, the teachers must be qualified and the food must be suitable. All these are giving us a huge headache. So let’s settle in for one thing on the list instead. Now, your first lesson is to write down the word ‘Independence’. We all do love our children, and care for their well-being no matter where they are. However, one thing that parents tend to overlook is that we would want them to be able to stand on their own two feet, without any helping hands. The need to ensure they are okay and able to do things on their own is a huge factor in understanding how your child is able to survive the outside world, once they graduate out of Pre-school. As the saying goes, ‘the world is a scary place’, because it’s scary if we want it to be. Allowing our children to be prepared for this ‘scary’ world, we need them to understand that they would need to meet certain types of people with different faces, literally, and of different characteristics.

As an educator myself, I’ve received questions such as ‘Why is my child still crying after 2 weeks in school?’, ‘Why aren’t they learning anything for the past 1 month?’, ‘I guess my child isn’t suitable here, the teachers scare her. It’s been a great month here. Goodbye.’

The critical mindset of parents are a huge factor contributing to the way kids change their perspective of school. I have students taking up close to 3 months before she stopped crying and actually get herself involved in the school activities (yup that long), however the beauty of the change is magnificent. The proud moment when you see her standing up on her own and walking straight to our activity table to join in the fun, is a millions worth of happiness.

So, there it is, your very own Pre-school expectation list. Isn’t it easy?

Try it and give us a thought on how it went by!



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