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'Stepping on one stone at a time' Adam & Eve and Tadika #1Genius’s Orientation Week

Tick-tock, tick-tock, without us realising, the time has arrived for our little ones to start their new journey in this new year. Adam and Eve and Tadika #1Genius would like to wish all family and friends a happy new year!

This new year, we welcome new beginnings, love and of course students. New little feet will be running around the school halls this coming 2019.

We believe allowing our child to actually able to be on their own independently is a way to ensure that they are learning fast and adapting well to their new surrounding and environment. Here in Adam and Eve and Tadiks #1Genius, we allow our students to lead their own learning and allow them to have the freedom to explore, learn and excel in broadening their knowledge.

Our students attended the Orientation Week 0 last week from 2nd January - 4th January 2019. Here they learnt many new things about the new friends around them and the new teacher they will be spending the year with.

Therefore, during this Orientation Week 0, we allow our students to be free and get to know their classmates and teachers further.

Here are some shots from both our Preschool and Kindergartern. Enjoy! Slideshow 1.1 : Tadika #1Genius

Slideshow 1.2 : Adam and Eve Preschool

Awww aren't they just cute! Exposing our children to a platform where different races and religion are active, we are enabling the kids to learn and understand the different traditions and way of living from other races and religions in this world.




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