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A blessing in a life

Looking at the clock, its still half past 12, waiting those crucial 30 minutes of dreading moments before the ultimate highlight of the day, lunch. Looking around you, you see people. People whom we see as friends, colleagues, superiors and loved ones. Sweat was rolling down your forehead, typing away endlessly and mindlessly, with the main goal in mind - completing the report, which was due in exactly 30 mins time. Ideas after ideas and sentences after sentences, theres nothing you could come up with. A blank state of mind empowered your fragile souless brain.

Its been years. Same routine, same desk, same cup of coffee every single day. Bored? Nope. Exhausted? Yes. A day where sometimes you wished you could end well, but have to put that wish on the back basket of your mind. And without realising it, your 30 minutes of rush was up. The moment to knock on the door was then.

Then, as it was all over, you took your bag and switched the desktop off, looking at the clock once more, and now it is half past 11, close to midnight. A shift that ends your energy, the shift that clocks your muscle from the tip of your hair to the nails on your feet. Driving back home has never been so lifeless and reckless. A mere light of accident flashes your eyes and soon you were back to the comfort and warmth of your life.

Even before you had the chance to knock, the door opens slightly, revealing the small tiny steps of a tiny cute sleepy monster, your beloved kid. And as soon as she looks up, with her teddy bear on one hand and her blanket on the other, she gave you the most brightest smiles of all, with her sleepy eyes hidden beneath her long bushy hair.

And when that happens, all your nervousness, exhaustion and sweat rolled up and turned to pure bliss.

We have those moments of rush, moments where we felt tired and too exhausted to even give a smile to our kids back home. The city and the world is taking too much time off our day, leaving us with less than little hours of moments with our little ones.

Our kids. The ones whom can smell and feel us from afar, the ones that might have been a tad bit mischievous when they can, and the ones who also light up the dark world we are living in. So, take this time, to go to your kids room. Stroke their hair, smile at them and kiss their foreheads for they are a blessing that you'll never want to lose.

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