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The Blessed Month

' Salam semua di hari raya,

Berbaju baru, berwarna-warni,

Berseri muka para tetamu di sana,

Marilah masuk ke rumah kami. '

' Ampun maaf kami meminta,

Salah-selisih masa silam,

Jemputlah kueh dan hidangan di meja,

Ayulah bersembang hinge bulan malam. '

17 June 2019, Monday. A day where we celebrated our second Eid festival in Adam and Eve. A day where we see colours and students merging as one. Adam and Eve celebrates Eid every year and its our annual ‘thing’ to make an official celebration among our students. Aside from Eid, embracing other festivals and celebration is something that we prioritise here. Living harmoniously among the different race, we are ensuring that the future leaders of our country is accepting and open to the different shades in life.

Zapping back to our Eid festival, we had out students sat outside in our beautifully decorated backyard by our teachers and ensured they are ready to start the event. I am aware we have different kind of nationalities and races among us. Therefore, do get a little cozy as I would be telling you a story.

There will be no Once upon a time, or somewhere in a far away land because this story I am going to share is something that is kept forever in the hearts of our dearest Muslim Friends and Families forever. The Holy Quran, or you can say it the Islamic Sacred Book, is not just any book, but a book that holds stories of Prophets, Wars, Peace, Past and Present. It was known that The Holy Quran was being delivered to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) during the month. Which Month? Well, Ramadhan. During this month, Muslims all around the world, of different status, colours, genders and families come together in heart to fast in a way to attain Taqwa (fear of God). It was believed that the Quran was brought down during the last 10 days of Ramadan which is also known as the ‘Laylat-al-Qadr’.

Upon completing the month of Ramadhan, Muslims are entitled to celebrate Eid - Hari Raya, which also lasts for a month. During Eid, we celebrate by wearing Eid Clothes which are Baju Kurung for the girls and Baju Melayu for the boys. Aside from that, delicious food were served as well.

Here in Adam and Eve, it is important to ensure that our students and young ones are exposed to the various cultures in life.

On top of that, we had the opportunity to celebrate two of our student's birthdays; Raihannah from Kinder Poppers 1 and Rui from Playgroup!

We sure do enjoyed the fun and laughter on Monday!

Do find the few shots of Monday’s celebration .

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