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It is time for us to....

It has been a long year indeed. 2021 has been a year that is filled with amazing journeys and beautiful experiences. Entering our 5th year, in 2022, (we're so old!), we have been provided the opportunity to experience and meet with amazing people throughout this journey, among many, is our amazing family of students and supportive parents whom has trusted us throughout the years.

When it comes to educational services, Adam & Eve prioritise comfort and the ability to create a conducive and humble environment for our students to learn and have fun in. This vision of ours, has allowed us to dive in further to expand into a very humble community not very far from Cyberjaya.

It's time, we have more than 1 baby in the Family (Cyberjaya is still the eldest though).

We have kept this news for as long as we could.... and it is time we share this beautiful and amazing news to our Adam & Eve family! We are now expanding to Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan, a beautiful neighbouring state (of Selangor), located around 30 minutes away from Cyberjaya, is one of the many states in Malaysia known for its sandy beaches and beautiful sceneries. Adam & Eve has decided to pop out a new centre at Putra Nilai. We came across this beautiful estate while strolling down the streets Nilai, enjoying the breeze of the wind and sounds of nature when we spotted the most breathtaking place for our future Adam & Eve younglings.


Our Programs @ Putra Nilai

Our centre at Nilai is a Preschool Centre (also known as Tadika), which caters for students aged 4 - 6 years old only.

Unfortunately, we have yet to get a few snaps of the centre inside, we are able to sneak in and snap some sneaky shots for all of you to get a quick glimpse of our new centre!

Our Library corner is ready...... wait till we add on a few more wall shelves as well as a few frames on the wall!

Here's a view from our centre... it is definitely giving us some classic village vibes (perfect to wind down and enjoy classes in school!)

The Adam & Eve team is definitely enjoying our weekly (or daily now) visits to our Nilai centre for the constant preparations as well as the arrangements of items to welcome our new students in our new Centre!

While we have yet to provide a fixed date for the opening of our Nilai centre, we are now open for any enquiries and even registration fo enrolment for the upcoming semester!

Please feel free to look and sneak around our website and social platforms to see our activities and shots of us enjoying school!

Any further enquiries or clarifications please do not hesitate to drop us an email at or WhatsApp us at +6016-831-8265! We are more than happy to welcome you and your beloved young ones on board!

Meanwhile, have an amazing week ahead and remember to always stay safe!

Best Wishes,

Adam & Eve Preschool

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